Useful Links

This page is a collection of links/content I’ve found across the internet that has been of value to me. Please note I don’t endorse every single aspect of the authors, sites, or channels in question. This should be utilized as reference material only and not as an official endorsement.


  •“Detergent packs are kinda wishy-washy (Dishwashers Explained)” This video made me realize that dishwashers are actually useful when operated correctly. The result? I gained between 45 minutes and an hour back of every day I was previously burning on dish washing related tasks by purchasing a dishwasher and using it correctly. This video is so useful that it has earned a permanent spot on my website.


  • https://based.cookingAd-free, tracker-free, bloat-free recipe site. This is THE PLACE to go for useful recipes without having to wade through a bunch of ads to get to the actual content. This is how a website should be done.