A Holler for Your Dollar

It’s a fast-paced world for online content creators. Alas, one thing remains a constant: uncertainty. The preferences of a creator’s fanbase can change with the wind, and the demands of content platforms hosting creators is always evolving. It’s an ever-changing area where content creators must be agile in order to stay relevant and financially sustainable.

A new tool has emerged forging another way for content creators to monetize their work. With Holler, fans can directly support their favorite content creators through purchase of a shout-out, up to 10 words, on their podcast or live-stream. Proceeds from sales of these shout-outs will appear swiftly in a creators’ linked bank account with minimal friction or delay.

On-boarding for a creator to join the Holler platform is quick and easy. Within just 10 minutes of registration and linking a bank account, a creator can start harnessing the potential of Holler to fund their creative endeavors. Each creator receives a unique, customizable URL like holler.baby/josh, ready to be shared across their various social channels and streams for shout-out-sales.

With Holler, creators remain in full control of their content. The platform includes an easy-to-use management tool for incoming shout-out purchases, allowing a creator to approve or reject a Holler request at their discretion. This allows a creator to ensure the integrity of their content while also directly engaging with their fan base.

My friend, Chris Macho, envisioned and founded Holler, leading all of the business and design decisions for the platform. Andrei Zobnin, one of my associates at Centreville Tech, handled the code and development roles for this project building everything from the ground up in order to match the design specifications from Chris. Leonard Smith, a friend of mine over at Acorn Web Consultants, handled the work necessary to get Holler into a containerized environment (Docker!) so we’re setup to scale as the platform grows. I handled the technology architecture, planning, and project management responsibilities. Everybody mentioned here was a dream team — it was a pleasure working with them to see this through to a shipped working product.

Chris Macho
Josh Lambert
Andrei Zobnin
Leonard Smith

I’m thrilled to announce that content creators will begin listing themselves on the platform starting this week. We’re excited to ship Holler and believe it will have a positive influence for the shows and content we all consume.

Should you have a question about Holler or are needing assistance developing your own software project, I can help! Send me a note to josh@lambertmail.xyz. I’m always thrilled to make a new friend.

Are you a creator looking for a new way to support your content? You should join Holler! You can sign-up by clicking here.






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